BDCOTSRUS is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt non profit corporation.

BDCOTSRUS has developed a Diesel Electric conversion for a compact

sedan. See our videos added to Youtube.

We are committed to demonstrating the value of diesel electric

power generation for use in motor vehicles. Our vehicle uses

all commercially available hardware for almost every

component. Our only non commercially available items are

the parts that we have had to create in order to integrate the

system into the vehicle. The reliability and robust nature of

using mature products will lead to our vehicle being

durable and very reliable.

We are an all volunteer staff that is committed to the education

and further promotion and support for diesel electric use and

development in the automotive market.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support.


BDCOTSRUS has sponsorship opportunities available
to help support our team, If you would like to support the
development of or have an interest in diesel electric technology
for use in motor vehicles or would like to donate funds,
services, or goods, please feel free to contact

Bob, or
Bruce for more information.

Sponsors: (links to their websites)

Office Suites Plus

Integrated Design and Development

Basler Electric



battery sponsor

The SolidExperts

Remy International

Magna Power

South Tech Marketing


The Patent Guild